STEM BUILD hosts workshop!

Last month, the STEM BUILD group hosted a workshop to train interested faculty in the development, implementation, and assessment of guided inquiry-based Tactile Teaching Tools. The workshop was held in DH Hill Makerspace at NC State and included faculty and postdocs teaching across many areas of biological science.


Workshop participants partnered with STEM BUILD student researchers and DH Hill Makerspace experts to develop and prototype Tactile Teaching Tools during the workshop. In addition to time spent tinkering in the Makerspace, there were additional sessions on Universal Design for Learning led by Dr. Zerrin Ondin (AMAC Accessibility Solutions and Research Center, Georgia Institute of Technology) where we learned about ways to increase accessibility in our teaching.  With ongoing support from the STEM BUILD group, workshop participants will continue their projects through the 2018-2019 academic year.

One comment that was heard over and over was how exciting it was to see students, faculty, and staff all working collaboratively in the Makerspace. It truly captured what those spaces are intended to be – a place that brings different people together to solve problems in new and innovative ways.